Corporate Onsite Treatments

• Do you or any of your staff members suffer from neck, shoulder, upper or lower back or arm pain/tension?
• Does this increase the number of sick days?
• Do you sit at a desk all day?

Our Onsite Treatments can help!

I offer services for a one-time event or ongoing monthly treatments for the office or workplace.

What is 'Onsite Treatments'?

Onsite Treatments is a short massage and Myofascial Release for the neck, shoulders, back and arms. The treatment is given on a portable couch. The client can remain fully clothed if they wish or remove outer garment for some deeper treatment (each therapist can use techniques which does not require the use of massage creams if you prefer). Towels are used to provide full modesty. Each session typically lasts 15 minutes. Additional advice can be given on workstation posture to reduce neck, shoulders, back and arm tension or pain. Longer treatments are also available to correct posture for a long term solution for back, neck, shoulder and arm pain.

Why use Onsite Treatments? 

It's convenient - no need to leave the workplace - onsite treatments come to you! 
Anyone can participate - age is not a factor and no special fitness level is needed. (A short medical background questionnaire will be completed for health and safety reasons). 
Immediate results - most people notice a difference as soon as the massage is complete. 
It's cost-effective - there is no investment in equipment. Each individual can pay or the company can pay and only pays for the employees who use the programme. It can cost considerably less than paying for employee’s sick days throughout the year!

Use Onsite Treatments as:

• An intervention into poor workstation posture and painful tension areas.
• Part of an ongoing wellness programme - Massage reduces stress, a
   factor in many health-related issues. Proactive companies, interested in
   maintaining and increasing employee wellness will benefit from
   increased morale and productivity.
• A reward for meeting goals or production deadlines.
• Recognition for birthdays or special events.

Stress and Back Pain costs money!

Studies show that happy, healthy employees contribute to the overall success of a company. Reducing stress and increasing energy creates immediate and lasting results that contribute to the well-being and success of the entire organisation.

Employers are discovering that improving the workplace environment is significantly less time-consuming and costly than recruiting, hiring and training new employees, not to mention the time employees are off of work with stress and back pain! You can provide your staff with a great way to relax and de-stress, improve working posture without taking time away from the office.

Cost of Onsite Treatment Day

Individuals paying • £12 per person • 15minutes treatment plus advice on posture and workstation positioning.

Company paying • £40 per hour per therapist required • 4 staff members treated per hour per therapist plus advice on posture and workstation positioning.

We offer special pricing rates for weekly and monthly onsite treatment days.

There is a minimum of 4 people per massage day. Please contact in advance with numbers and preferred times. We offer professional information about how to arrange and set up an onsite treatment event. Times are flexible but run continuously from the first session. 
Longer treatments are available upon request as well as treatments on other body areas.

Our all-inclusive rates include:

• Transportation to your office, workplace or event 
• All Equipment & On-site set-up 
• Fully insured and fully qualified Therapists (Details of qualifications are available upon request) 
• Full Telephone and Email Customer Support 

For further information or to arrange a corporate treatment day please contact me.