I have played competitive sports regularly for 25+ years, and my body has suffered a fair amount of 'wear and tear' as a result.  I had been struggling with significant back and hip pain for around three years,
and despite seeing a couple of physiotherapists and osteopaths the improvements were fairly modest.  I had actually concluded that the problems were just something I would have to live with.  However, after
first seeing Colin six months ago (initially for a different injury) I have experienced a degree of improvement way beyond my expectations. The hip and back pain problems are now almost entirely gone, and my body in general feels better than it has for years.  I am extremely grateful for this, and have been recommending Colin to friends and family at every opportunity.
-Darren T, London

I had a reoccurring ankle injury meaning I was unable to play competitive football for over 6 months. I am now back playing competitive football without any ankle problems. 

- Chris A, St Albans. 

I have always had a bad back and shoulder problems due to my occupation. I no longer have any back trouble and only an occasional ache in my shoulder when I’m really busy. 
- Chris X. Hairdresser, St Albans. 

I had been having problems with pain in my shoulder for many years and since starting my current job it had gotten progressively worse due to the uniform I have to wear. Most days I had very restricted movement in my neck and shoulder and extreme pain in my neck, back and shoulders. I had 5 treatments with Colin which included massages and myofascial release. After the sessions I was very impressed with the greater range of movement I had gained and I no longer had the intense pain I had experienced for so long. I was given exercises and stretches to do when I was at home so that my shoulder didn't revert back to how it was and Colin always talked me through what the problem was and what he was doing to fix it. Having been treated I am more than happy with the value for money and if I have any future injuries I won't think twice about booking another appointment. 
- Kelly H, Hatfield, Herts

I had a nagging knee injury and it was starting to prevent me from competing in running events. I am now back training and competing with no problems with my knee. 
- John C, Runner, Bricket Wood 

My basketball performance has improved dramatically after using the speed, agility and quickness programme Colin recommended. 
- Craig Z, Basketball player, Harpenden 

Since my training and dietary recommendations by Colin, coupled with treatment for previous injuries / aggravations - I am now ready to run my first half Marathon. Six months ago, I couldn’t run half a mile! 
- Daniel G. St. Albans 

It's now several weeks since I last came across to see you, and I just wanted to write to thank you so much for all the help you gave me in getting my back back into shape. 
Since my last visit I have been persevering with the main exercises on an 'ad hoc' basis which is working out at about twice a week, and this, - touch wood - is proving to be adequate for me to keep on top of my back (if you see what I mean!)
I am particularly pleased with the outcome bearing in mind that in years gone by I have been pulled & tugged in so many different directions by so many people, but unlike you, none of them managed to spend the time you did to identify the true source of the problem, and were therefore unable to target the right treatment.
Now that I understand the cause of the problem I have confidence in continuing with these exercises in the knowledge that it really does work, which is very reassuring. Good result.
All best regards,
- Alan, Watford

I have used Colin Bailey's Sports Therapy on a number of occasions over the last 3yrs for various footballing injuries, his professional and friendly approach is refreshing and puts you at ease. But it is the results which matter and Colin has successfully treated and explained my knee and ankle injuries to keep me playing. I have recommended him to my friends and team mates. 
- Nicky H, St Albans

I have used Colin for 3 or 4 years now, and he has helped me through a series of injuries to calves, achilles, hamstrings, shoulder etc and helped get me ready for a number of sporting events. I rate him extremely highly - Colin is not just doing a job, he takes a sincere personal interest in my aches and ambitions, and I would recommend him to anyone needing physiotherapy. You won't find better. 
- Andy C, Harpenden

I used Colin Bailey for an ankle injury earlier in the year. He responded very quickly to my initial email and called to discuss my injury. He came to my home to treat my ankle and I was very impressed with my treatment. I was treated with ice massage to my foot and did various exercises including using a wobble board to strengthen my ankle. My injury was explained fully to me along with lots of exercises for me to do myself to prevent my injury recurring. I have been injury free since and Colin gave me lots of helpful advice. He is very professional but also very friendly which puts you at ease during treatments. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin to anyone with a sports injury. His prices are very reasonable for the level of treatment received and I would definitely use Colin again should I get another injury in the future. 
- Sarah H, St Albans

Colin Bailey Sports Therapy helped me regain full fitness so I was able to play football again after a serious ankle ligament injury. Colin's treatment was very professional and the advice and exercises he gave me really made a difference. I would definitely recommend Colin Bailey Sports Therapy to everyone! 
- Sandy A, St Albans