Colin Bailey Sports Therapy
Welcome to Colin Bailey Sports Therapy

What is Sports Therapy?

Sports Therapy uses both manual and electrical treatment methods to improve health, fitness and sporting performance.  This includes assessment and rehabilitation of injuries, assessment and correction of posture and the ongoing prevention of pain and injuries.

Colin Bailey Sports Therapy is a professional Sports Therapy Service for all levels from Elite athletes to recreational exercisers and even the more sedentary suffering from general problems.


Areas specialised in:


• Injury Assessment, Management and Rehabilitation

• Posture / Movement Assessment and Correction

• Soft Tissue Treatment

• Myofascial Release

• Sports and Remedial Massage

• Joint Pain Assessment and Treatment

• Kinesio Taping

• Sports Specific Training / Periodised Programmes / Sporting Performance



Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes and any other summer seasoned sports participants -Now your season has come to a close make sure that you get on top of those niggles as you start and work your way through your base training. Ensure all problems are sorted well before you start your competitive phase again.

For all those that play Rugby, Football or any other winter sport - Now that your season is well under way make sure you keep ontop of any tight and restricted issues with some maintenance treatments. If you pick up an injury have it assessed and treated as soon as possible to ensure you do not spend a large period of the competitive season on the sidelines.


For all those preparing for the London Marathon 2012 - For those new to running, have your biomechanics and gait assessed early on to make sure that as your training load increases you will not be causing an injury. As your milage continues to increase regular maintenance work can help prevent issues developing and keep you functioning at full potential. Please feel free to contact just for some general advice.








Colin Bailey Sports Therapy supports the Active St Albans Elite Athlete Support Programme. For more information on the programme please visit .